Design Sprint

Design Sprint

Streamlined Prototyping Without Buzzwords and Workshop Overload 

We are pragmatic and adaptive. At Cloud Drift, we’ve honed our product design skills using industry standard, immersive 5-day Design Sprints with plenty of sticky notes. We also have years of experience with old-fashioned requirements analysis, steering clear of endless conversations and mind-numbing sessions. 

Recognising the need for a smarter and less time-consuming approach (not an easy task to get the business team in the room for five days), we’ve found a sweet spot that combines the best of both worlds. 


We highly value your time and believe in efficient work without exhausting workshops. Our approach is all about meaningful conversations, deep dives into user needs, and smart idea gathering. This lets us quickly grasp what you’re envisioning and design the prototype without wasting any time. 


Our process is straightforward: 

Rapid interview

During a 1h conversation we will ask you about your needs and problems you want solved. This gives us the necessary context. Then, we’ll jointly decide whether any other stakeholders need to be involved.  

Deep dive

This will take approximately 2h. We’ll talk about the details, examine existing systems, and take a look at existing paperwork. If there's a need for additional sessions, we will schedule them for later 

Isolated Interviews

We will interview all the relevant stakeholders to discover various points of view.


We will play back how we understand your vision and challenge to make sure we’re all on the same page.


The design phase will be adapted to your preferences. Some clients want to be closely involved in the process, others prefer a more hands-off approach, letting us surprise them with a finished design. 


We’re delivering the project for your business, so your input is paramount. At this stage, we present the outcome and implement your feedback. 


A-B testing to ensure the asset does its job. Preferrably, we’d share the interactive prototype with your selected clients or a representative group of end-users to gather even more valuable feedback. 


We will estimate the delivery of the solution, to provide you with a quote and delivery timelines. Everything to ensure that you can make decisions.


We leverage our extensive experience to deliver assets holistically on time, and in budget. Read more Custom Software Delivery

What makes us stand out is our all-encompassing approach. Our team, made up of experienced consultants and design experts doesn’t just design for the sake of it. We’re developers too, ensuring our designs not only look good but are also practical to develop and aligned with your business goals.  


For us, the prototype shouldn’t be the only result of the design sprint. To make the informed go/no-go decision, you’ll need the cost information. We are a team of accomplished software experts, so we can estimate the development cost of the product, broken down to the smallest feature. The product prototype and the development cost are crucial information that should help you with the RoI calculation that’s required to build a business case.   


We can act as guides for your team as we jointly dive into a focused journey of ideas, prototypes, and testing. By the end, you won’t just have a prototype, you’ll have a validated solution ready for development and detailed information of feasibility and the cost.