Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

At Cloud drift, we specialise in developing tailor-made software solutions and providing top-notch, adjustable team augmentation services.
Our focus is not just on fulfilling your immediate technical needs, but also on seamlessly integrating with your existing team and culture to drive success.

With Cloud Drift, you don’t just get augmented resources; you get a synergistic extension of your team, committed to driving your project’s success with their expertise, collaborative approach, and cultural alignment.

Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises highly skilled individuals, each holding an IT university degree and boasting over 5 years of hands-on experience in software development. This combination of academic knowledge and practical expertise ensures that our engineers are well-equipped to tackle complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions.

Fast Access to Diverse Skills

Agility is key for successful project delivery. Our team augmentation service provides you with quick access to a broad range of skills, enabling you to scale your team dynamically and meet project demands. Whether it's niche technology or a common programming language, our team has the skill set to match your requirements. 

Added Value Through Collaboration

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our engineers are encouraged to engage in regular knowledge exchange sessions, fostering a collaborative environment that extends beyond your project. This approach not only keeps morale and retention high among our team members but also translates into additional wisdom for your projects. As we share insights and solve challenges together, you gain the benefit of collective expertise working on your solutions.

Cultural Compatibility

Understanding the importance of cultural fit, we align our services with the work ethos of Central and Western Europe. This cultural affinity ensures smooth communication and a better understanding of your business context, making collaboration seamless and productive.

Nearshore Advantage

Geographical proximity is a significant advantage in our service offering. Being nearshore, we can promptly respond to your needs – our team can jump on a plane and be at your office within a few hours. This accessibility is crucial for in-person meetings, urgent project requirements, or when a face-to-face interaction can make a substantial difference.