Engineering Excellence: How Cloud Drift Transformed Platform Development

1. The Challenge

Bridging the Gap in Platform Development

Cloud Drift, entered the client’s environment with a solution architect in augmentation mode, aiming to assist in completing a struggling project. The initial goal was to support the client in finishing the platform. However, upon a closer examination, the solution architect identified a staggering amount of technical debt. Realising that the delivered solution would not suffice to enable the platform owner to onboard new clients effectively, the solution architect decided to sound the alarm.

This pivotal decision prompted the client to agree that a more extensive review and recovery process were essential. Recognising the need for a significant overhaul, the business analyst joined the project to support the audit initiated by the solution architect.

2. The Solution

A Comprehensive Approach to Reshape Success

Cloud Drift intervention continued with a comprehensive architectural and functional audit conducted by the solution architect and a business analyst. Recognising the need for a more robust technical foundation, the team proposed a refined architecture to bridge the existing gap. To align stakeholders and understand the intricacies of the platform’s requirements, Cloud Drift business analyst organised a series of workshops. These sessions not only clarified the vision but also unearthed key priorities and expected processes. Furthermore, the disparity between the platform’s necessary functionalities and the progress made in its development has been recognised, contributing valuable input for subsequent stages.


Building on the insights gathered, the business analyst meticulously defined a comprehensive list of requirements. This included shaping functional specifications, creating a detailed roadmap, and providing the development team with precise guidelines for development effort estimation. The estimates were then translated into a detailed plan and proposal, offering a transparent view of costs and timelines. Additionally, a cost/benefit analysis of different technical approaches was incorporated, empowering the client in their decision-making process.

3. The Results

Transformative Impact on Efficiency and Performance

The client, impressed by the thorough analysis and transparent proposal, accepted Cloud Drift recommended solution. The platform was successfully delivered on time and within the proposed budget. The refreshed architecture not only addressed the initial challenges but also set the stage for easier maintenance and future expansions as new clients we already lined up for the onboarding process.

Post-implementation, the platform emerged as a robust space for deploying proprietary data processing and calculation applications. It boasted configurable shared components, providing users with the flexibility to integrate custom components seamlessly. The platform excelled in data ingestion, transformation, calculations, and generating output reports. The transformative impact resulted in not only meeting expectations but also optimising costs, making it easier to maintain, and laying the groundwork for future enhancements.

Final thoughts and key achievements

  • Recognising and addressing significant technical debt made the platform more stable, scalable and cost efficient
  • A more efficient technical approach has been identified, ensuring enhanced scalability and efficiency, crucial for seamless onboarding of new clients
  • Product vision and value proposition has been nailed down, providing clarity on the development scope and ensuring a focused and effective development process
  • By offering estimations of development effort, Cloud Drift empowered the client to allocate a precise budget, fostering transparency and effective financial planning
  • The implemented platform proved highly successful and efficient in onboarding new clients and application