Field force tracking and dosage monitoring for Pharma

Project Summary

In an ambitious endeavour, our software house collaborated with an pharmaceutical corporation to address critical challenges in supply chain management and field force efficacy, adhering stringently to regulatory compliance. The result was a patient-centric application, a solution for innovative technology and strategic foresight.



Mobile First

1. The Challenge

Confronted with complexities in their supply chain and the imperative for real-time field force assessment, the client sought a solution that not only navigated regulatory constraints but also enhanced operational transparency and efficiency.

2. Our Approach

Embracing a bespoke design sprint methodology, we embarked on an intensive journey of stakeholder interviews, collaborative design sessions, and rigorous validation processes. This approach was pivotal in sculpting a solution that was both innovative and precisely tailored to the client’s requirements. 

Solution Highlights

The fruition of our collaborative efforts was a multifaceted application, encompassing: 
  • Patient-Driven Data Collection: Adhering to regulatory standards, the application facilitates the secure gathering of patient data, offering invaluable insights into drug consumption patterns. 
  • Counterfeit Drug Detection: Empowered by real-time analytics, the application promptly identifies and alerts about potential counterfeit pharmaceuticals, ensuring patient safety. 
  • Advanced Market Analytics: The backend architecture boasts sophisticated data mining capabilities, enabling nuanced market analysis and predictive forecasting. 
  • Supply Chain Visibility: The application provides clarity in tracking drug distribution, aiding in the identification of product flower and enhancing supply chain integrity. 

3. Regulatory Adherence

In an industry governed by stringent regulatory frameworks, our solution was meticulously designed to ensure full compliance, thereby upholding the highest standards of data privacy and security.

4. Outcomes and Strategic Insights

The design sprint not only yielded an application but also unearthed additional objectives, further enriching our understanding of pharmaceutical supply chain dynamics and market demands.

5. Technical Realization

Transitioning from conceptual design to technical deployment, we developed a comprehensive technical blueprint, enabling precise estimation of project timelines and costs, thereby ensuring seamless execution.

6. Deployment and Impact

With all necessary approvals secured, the development phase commenced, culminating in the successful launch of an application that has set new benchmarks in supply chain management and operational efficiency within the pharmaceutical sector.